Atr Malleable Casting

Atr Malleable Casting Private Limited
An ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified Company



Plants & Machinery

We are recognized by the Govt. of India as Manufacture Exporter. We have a t eam of experienced and dedicated professionals and provide a one-stop solution to ou r clients for their requirements of casting product. Our team with their expertise can develop any products on receipt of customer’s drawing at the shortest possible time.




Molding & Melting Shop

Felting Shop

Pattern Shop

Induction Furnace 350 kg Gas Cutter Drill Machine 1/2"
Induction Furnace 500 kg Welding Set Drill Machine 2"
Annealing Furnace 500 kg Grinding Machine 5HP Centre Lathe 5 1/2"
Annealing Furnace -1MT Angle Grinder 6" Vice5"
Annealing Furnace 4MT Angle Grinder 5" Vice 4"
Annealing Furnace5MT Annealing Furnace5MT  
Molding Machine(Auto) Faxable Grinder 3"  
Hand Molding Machine Short Blasting 500 kg  
Sand Muller 500 kg Short Blasting 300 kg  
Sand Muller 300 kg    
Molding Box    


Machine Shop

Drill Machine 3/4"
Drill Machine 1"
Drill Machine 2"
Drill Machine 2 1/2"
Centre Lathe 12'
Centre Lathe 6 1/2'
Centre Lathe 8'
Centre Lathe 5 1/2'
Milling 1 no
Slotting Machine
Shaping 24 X 26
Shaping 28 X 30
Angle Grinder 6"
Angle Grinder 4"
Grinding Machine 1HP
Grinding Machine 5HP
Vice 5"
Capstan Lathe 3/4"

Forging Shop

Fabrication Shop

Hydraulic Press 1200 MT Welding Set
Hydraulic Press 800 MT Mig Welding Set
Hydraulic Press 500 MT Gas Cutter Set
Trolly Angle Grinder 6"
  Angle Grinder 5"
  Angle Grinder 4"
  Faxable Grinder 4"
  Cutting Machine
  Bud Welding

Why Us ?

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We are

an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We value our quality and we put our full effort to maintain our 3 Mottoes :

  • Quality

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • R & D efforts

The reason why the company has been able to achieve a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CA GR) of 13% ov er the last years has been its strict control to maintain and upgrade its quality its quality standards.