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ATR Malleable Casting Pvt. Ltd. provides customers with prompt, innovative and cost-effective R&D solutions; develop and commercialize improved processes and products; continually enhance the capability of its human resources to emerge as a center of excellence. The major efforts are directed towards cost reduction, quality improvement and value-addition.


The objectives of the above study were as follows:


To suggest reduction and optimization in energy consumption or conservation of electrical power, solid/liquid/gaseous fuels, electrodes, etc. through

Improvement in operating practice.

Introduction of energy efficient technologies.

Installation of energy efficient equipment.

To identify various technologies/equipment available in the world for secondary steel sector and responsible for energy saving/conservation;

To suggest implementation of technologies and or equipment relevant for each of the units under study with cost benefit analyses;

Short listing of few units for implementation of Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs) which are relevant to many plants with the aim to help these plants to work as model plants.

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We are

an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We value our quality and we put our full effort to maintain our 3 Mottoes :

  • Quality

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • R & D efforts

The reason why the company has been able to achieve a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CA GR) of 13% ov er the last years has been its strict control to maintain and upgrade its quality its quality standards.